Notes for the guidance of riders making attempts on Records

  1. It is desirable, where this can be arranged without much difficulty, that at least one of the officials in the record attempt (Timekeeper or Observer) is a member of a different club from the attemptee. The following car should carry an Association Official who is not a member of the attemptee’s club.

  2. There is no firm requirement as to the number of, and intervals between, checker’s cards arranged by the rider. The Committee feel that, as an absolute minimum, such cards should be submitted at hourly intervals by persons whom the rider passes.

  3.  It is important to ensure that checkers, whether appointed by the rider or Association, are informed (or able to seek and receive information) when a ride has been postponed or abandoned. The method of doing this is at the riders discretion. While it is desirable that a telephone information service be maintained throughout the duration of the ride, this is not obligatory. However, where the schedule states such a service is to be maintained, it must be readily available to the Association’s Officials as well as the riders helpers.

  4. It is essential that schedules should be clear, and unambiguous. The Records Secretary is empowered to reject a schedule if he considers that it is not likely to be understood by persons who receive a copy.

  5. Prior publicity of a record attempt is allowed, but if a riders schedule states that he does not wish the ride to receive prior publicity, the Association expects its officials and members to comply with the riders wishes in this respect.

  6. It is not essential for the name of the Timekeeper to appear on the schedule, but his name must be given to the Records Secretary with the notice of the attempt. It is not acceptable to submit a notice of attempt stating that the Timekeeper will be nominated later. Once notice is given, a change of Timekeeper may only be made with the agreement of the Records Secretary.

  7. The Secretary and Committee will give guidance to anyone contemplating an attempt on an Association record, but the onus of ensuring that the ride complies in all respects with the Association requirements rests entirely with the attemptee.

  8. Whilst the Association will normally accept notices for attempts on any day, it will generally be found easier to arrange for adequate numbers of checkers, marshals etc. if the attempts are at weekends or on Public Holidays. It will be noted (Rule 21) that the onus of providing that the course is properly covered, the relevant regulations observed, etc., is the rider’s, and the Association Observers and Checkers are appointed only for confirmatory checks and reports to the Committee considering the validity of the claim to the record. As a body of volunteers, Observers and Checkers are more readily available at weekends and Public Holidays. It is therefore helpful to all concerned if midweek attempts are planned only in exceptional circumstances.

  9. It is considered courteous for persons seeking information from the Association to enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope.

  10. On request, the Hon. Secretary will supply a specimen schedule for the guidance of attemptees.