Records, Current & Past Holders

Currently records are recognised for the following fixed distances, times and "place to place" performances. They can be attempted on single or tandem bicycle, and single or tandem tricycle. Single records are recognised for both men and women, whilst tandem records are recognised for both same and mixed sex crews. Each listed Record has a link to lists of the Record Holders, starting with the earliest holder(s) :

* Additionally, claims for these records can be accepted from Junior riders aged  under 18 on the date of the attempt.

 # N.B. Route alteration for records using the Cardiff, London and Northampton routes.  Alterations (on safety grounds) to the terminal points for these routes have resulted in new terminal/turning points further out of Birmingham, London and Northampton centres. To allow for the reduction in distances, riders attempting to better London and Northampton records established prior to 1985 will be required to improve the relevant time, in addition to the standard requirement (one  second per hour or part thereof based on the elapsed time of the existing record), by a further THREE MINUTES. e.g. the 1984 record for the Menís Bicycle  Birmingham/Northampton/ Birmingham standing at 4:39:50 would require a minimum improvement of 3 minutes 05 seconds i.e. to 4:36:45 or better. Riders attempting to better the Cardiff records established prior to 2007 will be required to improve the relevant times by FIFTEEN MINUTES. Requirements for subsequent improvements will revert to standard conditions.