Rules of the MRRA


It is important that every Official and Record Aspirant makes him/herself familiar, and complies, with the Rules. The following extracts from the Rules are especially important when organising and undertaking Record attempts.  A complete copy of the latest available Handbook can be downloaded from the Links page or may be ordered from the Hon Secretary for a fee of £5 which includes one year's individual Private Membership.

  1. The district covered by the Association shall be the counties of West Midlands, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, Shropshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Derbyshire and Avon.

  2. The Association shall consist of:

    (a) Cycling Clubs within the counties above specified, joining it as such, who shall, on making application for affiliation, submit their rules: and

    (b) Private Members subscribing individually and not necessarily members of affiliated clubs.

    In each case the application shall be accompanied by the appropriate subscription. Election shall be by the committee or Annual General Meeting.

  3. The committee shall consist of a President; Vice President; Hon. Secretary; Hon. Record Secretary; Hon. Treasurer; Timekeepers; Delegates from each Affiliated Club and Delegates representing Private Members. Five to form a quorum.

    The Hon. Secretary may arrange for a sub-committee to meet as required solely to consider claims to records. Membership shall consist of:-

    (a) President or Vice President as Chairman (1 person);

    (b) Two delegates having no connection with the record claimant or holder (2);

    (c) The Timekeeper of the attempt, or if not available, another timekeeper to be invited (1);

    (d) The Secretary and Record Secretary (2).

    A total of six (6) who shall be contacted at least seven days before the proposed meeting and their firm intention to attend obtained. Five to constitute a quorum. The sub committee shall have full authority to approve a record, but if less than four members are in favour, the claim shall be referred to the next full committee meeting or A. G. M. The claimant and organiser may attend, but shall speak only at the invitation of the Chairman and shall withdraw whilst the claim is considered. Any other person concerned with the attempt (e.g. observer; checker; course measurer) may be invited to attend for purposes of giving information or explanation.


  1. The subscriptions to the Association per annum shall be as defined from time to time. Current subscription rates are available from the Hon Secretary (see Committee link).  Private Members shall be represented on the Committee by one delegate for each ten members, with a maximum of two delegates. Such delegates shall be elected annually at the A. G. M. by Private Members there present.


  1. Notice of a proposed attempt to improve any existing record, or to establish a new record, must be received by the Records Secretary at least seven clear days before the start, and be accompanied by not less than 24 copies of the schedule giving approximate times of arrival en route. For the 12 and 24 Hour, Holyhead, York, and Circuit records, 36 copies of the schedule are required. The Records Secretary shall give immediate notice to the holder of the existing record at his last known address.

    The start shall be made at the time appointed, but the Committee may, at their discretion accept as sufficient such explanation of any unforeseen delay as may appear to them reasonable, provided that in no circumstances shall a start be made more than 30 minutes after the appointed time of start for the scheduled ride.

    If a start is made, and the attempt terminates sufficiently soon to enable the rider to make a fresh start, he may do so within 30 minutes of the time appointed for the scheduled ride. When a start is not made, or a ride is abandoned after such a start is made, notice must immediately be sent to the Records Secretary.

    If a start is not made or the attempt terminates within one tenth of the time of the existing record, or within thin 30 minutes of the start, then the attempt may be postponed, providing such postponement is notified to the Record Secretary immediately. If a new date is not notified at the time of the postponement, the rider shall be at liberty to start on any day in the same year providing that three clear days notice is given to the Records Secretary.

  2. Once the Records Secretary has received notification of an attempt on a record, or a new date, the rider may not use that date for an attempt on any other record except by giving three days notice in the case of a record for which notice has already been given, or seven days in any other case. Postponements not exceeding six may be made without additional fees, to the following or any later day in the same year, provided all postal, telephone and other expenses incurred by the Association are paid by the rider. A postponed attempt shall conform with the original notice in all resects except the date.

  3. All notices from members of Affiliated Clubs or Private Members shall be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Details of current fees are available from the Hon Records Secretary (see Committee link). An additional £1.00 shall be payable if more than one record is attempted in one ride. For all non-affiliated riders double fees shall be charged. Tandem riders shall pay a total sum equivalent to the appropriate fee for a single rider, each. Timekeepers fees and expenses must be arranged and paid for by the rider.

  4. The Committee may each year appoint competent persons as Official Timekeepers of the Association, and shall consider the reappointment of Timekeepers annually.

    Every Official Timekeeper shall use a watch with a centre second hand capable of being split, or a quartz-crystal controlled watch or timer which must have a display indicating seconds and part thereof. Each such watch or timer shall during the past 36 months have obtained a certificate of performance from British Calibration Services. If any timing instrument is damaged or adjusted, a new certificate must be obtained. The certificate must be produced on request.

    The Secretary may appoint any person as Timekeeper for a record attempt providing he is satisfied that:-

    (1) The attemptee has made every reasonable effort, without success, to obtain the services of an Official Timekeeper, and

    (2) The person nominated is a competent Timekeeper, is familiar with the rules of the Association, and will use a watch or timer as described above.

    Such an appointment shall be made in writing and shall be valid for one attempt including postponements.

    For each ride a Timekeeper shall use a timing instrument as described above, and shall also carry a reserve instrument not necessarily certified. At least one timing instrument must register hours. The Timekeeper shall check both timing instruments against the British Telecom Speaking Clock or B.B.C. sound radio time signal (N.B. not a digital broadcast signal which can be wrong by several seconds) as near as practicable before and after officiating. Any variations or the fact that there was no variation shall be reported to the Records Secretary.

    The chronograph mechanism shall be in continuous operation between these checks, the exact timing of records to be by means of the split facility. The Timekeeper shall supply a certificate of details of the timing of the record attempt, i.e. starting time and place, finishing time and place, and certification numbers of instruments used.

  5. If the Secretary is satisfied that the attemptee has made every reasonable effort, without success, to obtain the services of an Official Timekeeper, and the Secretary has been unable to provide a competent Timekeeper to officiate, the following procedure may be adopted, in respect of the start only, with the prior agreement of the Secretary:-

    Two previously named witnesses shall certify in writing that the attemptee did not depart from the scheduled starting point until the scheduled starting time has been indicated by British Telecom Speaking Clock or B.B.C. sound radio time signal (N.B. not a digital broadcast signal which can be wrong by several seconds).  Persons eligible to act as such named witnesses shall be the President, Vice Presidents, Official Observers, Private Members and Delegates.

    To facilitate this starting procedure, it will be necessary to arrange the starting point and/or starting time accordingly. This starting procedure shall only be implemented when the Secretary has received an assurance from an Official Timekeeper that he will be available to time the finish of the ride.

  6. The Committee may appoint as Official Observers, persons whom they consider creditable and independent, and may terminate these appointments at any time. All Official Timekeepers shall be ipso facto Official Observers. In exceptional circumstances, the Secretary may authorise any person to act as an Official Observer, subject to their ability to carry out their duties satisfactorily.

  7. A rider attempting a record shall ride entirely alone, and shall not be preceded by any mounted helper within sight. The rider may be followed by helpers or witnesses mounted on cycles or (subject to Rule 14) in motor vehicles, who shall not, whilst the rider is mounted, approach within 50 yards, except that:-

    (a) An Official Timekeeper may approach or pass a rider for the purpose of timing the finish, and (b) at the discretion of the Official Timekeeper (or Observer nominated to the Records Secretary at least 24 hours in advance of the start of the attempt), motor vehicles may pass the rider at any time, except within two miles of a town.

    Substitution of motor vehicles may be allowed in the case of mechanical failure of the vehicle(s) nominated. All passing must be reported to the Records Secretary. The nominated motor vehicle(s) passing the rider must under clause (b) above must carry an Official Observer.

  8. When a motor vehicle is used for following, it shall carry an Official Timekeeper or Observer appointed by the Association and shall carry a prominent notice that a cycle record attempt is in progress. When more than one vehicle is used for following, the leading vehicle shall carry an approved Observer whilst the rider is in sight.

  9. In an attempt on a record, it is necessary for the rider, when dismounted, to wheel, or carry his machine without assistance whilst covering any part of the route. Ordinary riding costume shall be worn.

  10. Not more than one attempt to beat a specified record will be allowed on the same route at the same time.

  11. Association records must be claimed and proofs lodged with the Records Secretary within 14 days of the ride in respect of which the claim is made. Such proofs are to include Check Cards from stationary checkers furnishing necessary information and/or the rider arranging for an Official Observer to follow the ride. Check cards in support of a record attempt must be posted on the same day, directly to the Records Secretary, and should be posted as near as possible to the point at which the rider was observed.

  12. The entire onus of proof shall rest with the rider making the claim. It shall be the right of the Committee to reject any claim if they consider the interests of the sport would be in any way injured.

  13. Claims to records shall only be considered which better existing figures by more than one second per hour or part thereof, based on the elapsed time of the existing record, or in the case of distance records by more than one furlong in 12 hours or 2 furlongs in 24 hours.

  14. The timing of records by two Timekeepers in telephone communication with one another during the progress of the ride is allowable.

  15. Course used during attempts on the 25, 50 and 100 miles, and 12 and 24 hours records, must be within the county areas governed by the Association unless it is a dual attempt with a place-to- place record, when a portion of the place-to-place record covered outside the area shall count, only if all subsequent mileage is within the Association area. No portion of the course may be covered more than twice, and no ferries may be used in any record attempt.

  16. A rider may if he wishes indicate on a schedule the he has arranged for another person to act as organiser for the ride. The rules herein will then apply equally to both organiser and rider, and infringements by the organiser will be regarded as having been made by the rider. A person named as an organiser may not act as a Timekeeper or Observer for that particular ride.

  17. The route proposed to be followed, as listed on the schedule, must be the one used when the attempt is made. The Committee will require to be provided with evidence that the proper and complete course was followed, in particular where more than one route exists between two places. Any mileage covered off the scheduled route is inadmissable in ’distance’ records.

  18. Every successful claimant to a record shall receive, a certificate of performance. For certain records, plaques have been donated to the Association to be presented to the record holder and (subject to certain conditions and at the discretion of the Committee) retain by him until such times as the record is beaten.

  19. In these Rules and the following Notes for Guidance, the single number shall apply equally to the plural, and the male gender equally to the female, where appropriate. The term ‘Hon. Secretary’ shall be deemed to apply to the Records Secretary and any person appointed by the Committee or by the Hon. Secretary to act in that capacity for the time being.